5 qualities to look for in an ERP consultant

February 2019

While you may not be able to select your own ERP consultant (often, one is assigned to you), you should feel empowered to evaluate your consultant’s ability to help you reach your ERP implementation objectives. 

With the wrong fit, you can further complicate an already-complicated process, according to numerous experts.

Our experts weighed in on the essential qualities you should look for in an ERP consultant. They include the following:

1. Open and Candid.

When selecting an ERP vendor, a foundation of trust is to be expected — especially in light of the time, resources and funds that you will invest in the project. Make sure your sales rep and your consultant are being honest about the project’s scope, and are willing to have an open discussion about any limitations they (or their product) may have in delivering to your expectations. 

Comparing proposals and statements of work from a few ERP vendors can be a great way to   create a culture of candor and realism for your ERP project.

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3. A Teacher.

«We try to make the ERP system as easy as possible, but it is still complex,» said Jean Christophe-Piguet, senior business consultant for ProConcept. «You will have a lot of interactions among your team members. It’s not possible to just work alone in the system. As a result, it’s important for an ERP consultant provide thorough training on how the system runs for the overall team. They should also help your team understand the logic behind the system.»

4. A Good Match.

You will be working closely with your consultant for 6-12 months, so it’s critical that you feel he or she is a good cultural fit with your team. And, since most ERP implementations are designed to last 10 years or more, you could end up working with that consultant on a regular basis, as part of continuous business process improvement projects, or even as part of rolling out the system to sister companies. A good ERP consultant should feel like a member of your own team.

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