Consider these 3 critical factors when choosing ERP

September 2018

If you already made the decision to invest in a new ERP system, you’ll find out soon enough that you have plenty of options. Narrowing down the field of vendors is one of the most difficult challenges you’ll face — even before getting to the hard work of implementation.
One of the most avoidable mistakes is choosing an ERP system that doesn’t work for your company from the start, said several experts from Forterro’s global network of ERP companies.
«Unfortunately, this continues to be a risk, as many ERP vendors are motivated to sell more of their product — even if it’s not an ideal fit for your company» said Forterro CEO Jeff Tognoni.
«Some ERP companies try to generalize their products to increase sales» Tognoni said. «In doing so, they’re watering down what it was originally intended to do. It’s a little-known fact in the industry. Almost every ERP systems was originally built to serve the needs of a particular industry … even a particular company.»
According to Tognoni, and several other experts throughout Forterro’s global network of ERP companies, when choosing an ERP solution, the 3 most critical factors you need to consider are size, industry and geography.

3 facteurs à prendre en compte lors du choix d’un ERP - Part 2

Industry Vertical

Beware of ERP solutions that are designed to serve numerous verticals — instead of your industry specifically.
«If you select an ERP product that is used extensively by other companies in your industry, you likely will run into fewer complications» Tognoni said. «If a product is not built specifically for your vertical, more than likely, you won’t be able to do automation very well. Your company will be forced to do a lot of things manually. Above all else, choose a solution that fits!»
As a growth tactic, midmarket ERP vendors will expand their target market. Similarly, many of the larger ERP companies will sell their broader ERP products to a lot of different types of companies. «Many vendors will try to ‘verticalize’ their products» Tognoni said. «There won’t be anything substantially different in the product, except maybe a few fields, workflows, or an add-on application, but they will still call it a vertical solution. That’s very different from a product that was built for a vertical from the ground up.»

3 facteurs à prendre en compte lors du choix d’un ERP - Part 3
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