Project-based manufacturing in real-time, a significant added value

November 2019
Gestion à l'affaire - proto série - Part 1
Gestion à l'affaire - proto série - Part 2

Control resources 

Calculating a deadline when completing the project requires a perfect control over the loads and associated capacities, in addition to the the company resources, at all times. Adjusting your teams is simplified, thanks to a highly efficient view of inter-functional loads (occupancy of an employee working on the project and carrying out external after-sales missions), or the long-term load view by competency groups.  

ProConcept also manages the load by workstation (task scheduling, over a short-term or mid-term horizon) or load center (project planning, over a long-time horizon).  

You can also manage your resources over short-term and long-term, and view their usage in relation to the deadlines fixed by planning.  

For companies involved in serial manufacturing and project-based manufacturing (series 0, proto-typing), integrating all their resources lets them see the impact of serial production on the project, and vice versa.  

Gestion à l'affaire - proto série - Part 3
Gestion à l'affaire - proto série - Part 4

Control all possible scenarios (even website)

Via the expanse of its functionalities, ProConcept lets you control all possible scenarios, for example: 

  • Do you do subcontracting or manufacturing, or both?  
  • Do you order to project or on stock?  
  • Do you work on order or with provisional projects?  
  • Do you manufacture some of your products in series?  

With the possibility of orienting only a part of your activities to 'Project-based management', instead of all the company activities.  

Evolving Bills of Materials 

As a solution to managing evolving bills of materials, typical problem in simultaneous engineering, ProConcept lets you anticipate the procurements by making requirements calculation for the task and for a project based on a bill of materials that is still incomplete. 

This "just-in-time" calculation triggers the modification of requirement dates for one section of the project, in case of re-planning. 

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