Want to implement a more effective ERP solution? Set a vision.

August 2018

When planning the implementation of your new ERP solution, keep the focus on how you want your organization to work in the future — not just the way it currently operates.

Setting a vision for your ERP project is one of the top recommendations from experts within Forterro’s global network of ERP companies. Yet, it’s one of most common steps businesses skip when implementing a new ERP solution.

Vision - Part 1
Vision - Part 2

«The onus is on the executive team and owners to think about the future», Magnusson added. «But the onus on aligning that vision with your ERP system implementation is on you.»

Our experts also advised to ask yourself how your company’s strategy might be impacted by outside factors. What challenges may you end up facing? What current industry trends could affect the way you do business? Where are your areas of weakness?

Some of the most common areas of weakness our experts see their clients hoping to address include:

  • Problems meeting delivery dates
  • Disorganization on the manufacturing floor
  • Issues with accurate data
  • Poor integration among various departments
Vision - Part 3