Why should you consider your ERP provider as a long-term partner?

March 2019

No one commits to a project as expensive as the ERP expecting it to be a failure at certain levels. However, based on a Panorama Consulting report published in 2017, 37% of the companies declared that the ERP implementation process did not meet their expectations in numerous domains.

One of the reasons for which an ERP project goes wrong is approaching the relationship with the provider from a wrong perspective. On the contrary, if the ERP has been implemented correctly, expect a long-term relationship with your provider.

Partner - Part 1
Partner - Part 2

"Compare this to throwing darts. There is a chance that the seller reaches the right target. However, the seller may miss the mark if you are not honest about your situation. Without knowing what works, what does not work and what is important, the providers must try to guess it. If the processes were that simple, potential customers would not require implementation services."

Partner - Part 3
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