A challenge for ERP solutions

The application of quality norms can imply legal obligations (nutritional, medical, avionics, spatial, nuclear domains) or the adherence to prescribed norms (ISO) linked to the willingness of the company to improve the security of its products.

You deliver high quality and high technology medical devices to your customers.

Data integrity is key for your company.

You want to anticipate the fit between the ERP and the strategies of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) Master Data Management Roadmap.
You are present in national and international markets and subject to regulations such as: GMP, FDA 21 CFR part 11, 210, 211, 820, and ISO 13485. Processes based on GAMP are an integral part of your company's management strategy.

You must to be able to trace all your manufacturing processes in terms of operators, machines, or materials.
You must be ready and able to make rapid product recalls.
You must certify and audit your suppliers, certify your products, and be able to manage several product versions simultaneously.
You want to save time drawing up documentation relating to the qualification, and then validating your system.

You are searching for a partner for ERP solutions whose experience helps them understand your requirements well.

ProConcept actively supports you in this approach.

ProConcept contributes to the implementation and adherence of the technical specifications for ERP solutions that allow you be in conformity with the norms such as GMP, FDA (CFR 21 part 11), ISO 10002, ISO 13485, ISO 2859, ISO 3951, ISO 9000, etc. through the internal procedures and functionalities of our ERP.

Your quality processes are as vital for your customers and suppliers as they are for you.
It runs throughout the logistics and production chains, and allows a company to work more effectively, building mutual confidence with its partners.
This translates into material gains in terms of image, financial gains, and also clearer internal functioning via the clarification of processes and objectives.
You are no doubt aware that the costs of low quality can be very high, and this increases exponentially the further away from your company they are discovered!
With this in mind, we believe that "prevention is better than cure".
ProConcept is one of the ERP solutions that offers you:

  • Rigorous quality management for partner evaluations, significantly increasing your efficiency.
  • Non-conformity management for global and detailed views, allowing you to take corrective and preventative measures.
  • External audit management (for partners) and internal audits (your own processes), as defined by you (quality axes).
  • Quality indicators gathering the collected data.
  • Certifications management
  • Inclusion of norms such as FDA/GMP, etc.

ISO 20022 and QR code - Finance

In terms of standardizing Swiss payment traffic, a big change will take place: The payment traffic relies on the ISO 20022 international norm. For this, you must have migrated your systems to the ISO 20022 standard. This not only implies new payment slips, but also new optical readers. Naturally, ProConcept is already ready!


This lets you reduce the volume of work by digitizing the payment process. Only one receipt for banks and PostFinance instead of the current 4. Regulatory requirements met. ProConcept is one the the ERP solutions already ready for you to benefit from the new norms. 

QR code

Compatibility with existing recognition software everywhere (smartphone, etc.). Even if the QR code is damaged, we can re-constitute the contents. Extended possibilities in terms of contents.


ProConcept and its products are audited and certified by major organizations to offer you quality services that meet your needs.

ISO 9001 Certification by SWISS TS
Swissdec Certification
Swiss Made Certification
Datadock certification
ISO 20022 ready - Payments Standard.ch
e-Facture Compatible
Oracle Gold Partner - Certification
Swiss Made Software
Microsoft Certified Partner
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