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Digger in Senegal

The DIGGER D-3 at Senegal: an asset

A press release by Handicap International makes a mention of the Digger machines.
According to the NGO, the machine employed at Senegal has helped cover an area in an hour that a team of de-miners, helped dogs, can cover in one day. Please click here for more information.

Demining machine DIGGER D-250 operating in Chad (2011)

La CHARBONNIÈRE 2017: an unforgettable experience, in favor of Digger

With the aim of financing a de-mining DIGGER D-250 machine, the Rotary club at Neuchatel Vielle-Thielle is organizing an event combining concerts, plays and conferences. A week before the start of the event, the initiative has already collected more than 90,000 CHF. Please click here for more information.

Digger DOME project

January 2017: the Digger foundation competes for a 1 million dollar prize

The DOME project of the Digger Foundation has been selected for the finals of the prestigious Robotics Awards for Good competition that takes place at Dubai in February and will see a confrontation of 10 international teams for a 1 million dollar prize. Please click here for more information.


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