Interview with Patrik Hug - MSM Magazine

February 2015

ProConcept, an ERP for Professionals

Meet Patrick Hug, CEO of the software company SolvAxis. A company whose name is less known than its flagship product, ProConcept ERP. This is for those who are not faced with such software, a computer-aided production management designed for the needs of industry.

MSM: Your company and especially its flagship software ProConcept is well known to readers of the MSM. Can you give a brief picture of Solvaxis and its current owner?
Patrik Hug: Founded in 1987 and based in Sonceboz, SolvAxis is a leading Swiss company in the management of software development for SMEs in the following areas: production (discrete manufacturing), industrial project management, machine tools, HR and payroll, foundations and, with our partner Prime Technologies, the municipalities and energy services. ProConcept ERP, our flagship solution, helps more than 15,000 users, spread across more than 1,000 sites, perform their daily tasks.  … Since April of 2014, SolvAxis is part of the European Forterro group, owned by Battery Ventures.

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