Gestion à l'affaire - spécificités métier

Your business specifics and requirements

Project complexity
  • Project structure from its start.
  • Automatic and instantaneous classification and update of all the data.
  • Automatic consolidation of all or some data.
  • Immediate access to data.
  • Accounting sub-breakdown.
  • Amendments that let you track an order and its modifications.
Invoicing flexibility
  • Invoicing on progress, based on a payment schedule, milestones or, in case of requirements, any time during the course of the project.
  • Managing down payments, credit notes, and invoice linked to a position/order.
  • Modification of amounts to invoice possible at any time. The remaining amounts are automatically recalculated.
Project-based production, production on order or serial production.
  • Access to the bills of materials, supplier orders, and manufacturing order tracking from the project and installations during repair. Analytical views in real time.
  • Scalable multi-level BOMs, technical BOMs and their import from any CAD/CAM software.
  • Requirements calculation on task. Impact of BOM modifications on production and purchases.
Control slippage
  • Industrial approach to project management.
  • Planning placed at the center of the enterprise (merging PERT and MRPII methods).
  • Corrective service visits and delays reduced to a minimum.
Control the risks
  • Pertinent indicators for proactive management (anticipate slippage).
  • Real time access to project progress, clear detection of due date differences (purchase, manufacturing, etc.) and profitability.
Gestion à l'affaire - avantages

Advantages offered by ProConcept

Icon Sales, Purchases

Complete functional coverage: Project-based management coupled with the modules such as Finance, Sales, Purchases, Supply chain, Manufacturing, CRM, etc.

Icon project

Perfect fit to the domain specific requirements.

Icon project

Real-time visibility for every project, or a set of projects, in terms of due dates, costs and resources.

Icon scale

Excellent cost-efficiency ratio because customizations are made by system configuration.

Icon production management

Industrial best practices completely integrated into the system.

Icon performance

Performance optimization.

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Our references for project-based management

All ProConcept customers are daily confronted by this complex project-based management (multitude of actors, due dates, resources, budget, tracking undertaken work, managing slipping, forecasting risks, etc.).

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