Check-Up Service

June 2018

The ProConcept ERP Check-up service is designed to analyze the implementation of your ProConcept ERP solution, both in terms of the system usage and in terms of the technical aspects linked to the database itself.
This analysis is based on 150 indicators linked to all the ERP businesses, the results of which are presented in the form of a report.
This gives you an overview of ProConcept ERP installation in your company, its usage, and the potential for improvement.

Check-Up Service - Part 2
Check-Up Service - Part 2.1
1. Implementation of the Check-Up application and calculation of the indicators free
2. Report generation free
3. Discussion and explanation of the report and the possible measures based on requirements
4. Implementation of measures based on requirements

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Check-Up Service - Part 3
Check-Up Service - Part 3.1

Your advantages

  • You get an overview of the usage of your entire ERP system.
  • Inventory of the quanlity of your data
  • Detections of gaps
  •  External view of your ERP
  • With the help of our business experts, you can then take measures to improve the use of your system.
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