Interview with Patrik Hug - Netzwoche

January 2015

Patrik Hug has taken the lead of the Swiss business software provider SolvAxis last April. The company had been taken over by the Swedish Jeeves Group. From merger, Hug promises many benefits, even if the start was difficult. 

In April Jeeves SolvAxis acquired. What has changed since then in SolvAxis?

Patrik Hug: "There have been some changes. Especially with regard to the strategy. Until now, SolvAxis pursued a growth strategy, in part by launching various third-party products to complement our core product. For Jeeves, it was clear that this strategy would not be continued in this form. We want to focus on our core business (i.e., on our own developments): ProConcept and Amanda. Another major change for SolvAxis after the takeover was the relocation of parts of our development operation to India. We now have employees in India who work on SolvAxis. Moreover, our culture changed automatically. Today, we are much more of a team, especially when compared to the way we operated under previous management.

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