ProConcept Version 11.3

August 2019
ProConcept version 11.3 - part 2

Production Master Plan / Sales Industry Master Plan

Revision and optimization of a strategic forecast and planning tool

Forecast: one of the keys to the service quality and customer satisfaction. However, a qualitative forecast also means better organization, and therefore, increased profitability and better cost control.

Version 11.3 offers major improvements and new features that expand the functional coverage of the Production Master Plan / Sales Industry Master Plan.
You work in different activity sectors and with extremely varied production modes: the PMP/SIMP in ProConcept is now adapted to a larger number of situations and uses.

Learn all about version 11.3 of ProConcept's ERP software 

Universal Loader Interface (ULI) 

For creating products and bill of materials (from PLM or CAD).

ULI is a standard tool for importing information or files from third-party applications into ProConcept.

ProConcept version 11.3 - part 4
ProConcept version 11.3 - part 5
ProConcept version 11.3 - part 6


Do you want to make your work easier, have reliable data, and reduce the effort required for verification? Do you want to achieve significant time and productivity gains?

Version 11.3 brings you new functions: Integration of the budget of the Industrial and Commercial Plan in Finance, automated updating of currency rates, modification of a partially literate deadline authorized in an accounting document and further developments in load smoothing and fixed assets.

ProConcept version 11.3 - part 7



Furthermore, numerous innovations for finance, logistics, B2C e-shop connector and environment.

Version 11.3 of ProConcept is ready for use in your company.