SolvAxis makes way for ProConcept

April 2019

Known as SolvAxis since 2009, ProConcept was founded in 1987. Active in the field of design, distribution and integration of ERP software, the company has made the ProConcept system its flagship product. Emphasizing this name seems to be a natural move today for enhanced market visibility. 

On April 8, SolvAxis SA will therefore revert to the name “ProConcept SA”. For the company, which has been developing and publishing ERP software for over 30 years, this change is intended to ensure the optimal continuity of a constantly evolving product that enjoys a reputation for excellence. It will also enable the company to effectively address the challenges of the future, by moving towards industry 4.0, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

SolvAxis laisse place à ProConcept - Part 1
SolvAxis laisse place à ProConcept - Part 2

Serving SMEs

ProConcept offers a complete ERP solution that meets the main requirements of companies in areas such as financial management, human resources, logistics, production and project-based management.
ProConcept software has extensive features, specifically designed for SMEs, including unique features to control precision manufacturing. Based on modern and flexible technology (cloud, hybrid, on-premise), it can be customized and configured easily to adapt itself to unique business processes.

Single and local contact 

As a publisher and integrator, the company quickly became a single point of contact for its customers. ProConcept provides them with analysis, configuration and personalized follow-up based on their requirements. ProConcept cultivates a relationship of trust and proximity with its customers to cater to their requirements. To facilitate and optimize the procedures of its consultants, it therefore extends over 4 subsidiaries: Sonceboz (BE), Lenzburg (AG) and Gland (VD) on the Swiss side, as well as Annecy in neighbouring France.

Regional and French-speaking leader in its key markets

Engaged in various activity sectors, the company is now the regional market leader that attracts a large number of SMEs in fields such as watchmaking, machine tools, medical technologies (medtech) and subcontracting. With around 1,000 installations, over 15,000 users are now working with ProConcept.