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ProConcept ERP lets you manage your human resources effectively

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Human resources

The human resources of a company are its most precious assets. That's why ProConcept made its solution as functional and close to your business practices as possible.

ProConcept ERP's human resources tools give you the time to do what you do best: leveraging your personnel investment to give you value instead of just routine tasks. ProConcept ERP gives you real-time, updated data on all the employees, positions, departments, or divisions in your organization. Update your training inventories, as well as your employee data and qualifications as much as and when you like. Our intuitive creation wizards will help you create even the most complex salary calculations in a flash. Detailed reports and graphic analyses can be generated at any time. With our HR toolset, you can also manage positions and make comparisons between the skills required for candidates and/or employees (tables/graphics).


You have multiple currencies and multiple breakdowns when it comes to payroll. ProConcept ERP can make these complex calculations in an instant. Provisional processing and reversals are also possible. You can manage multiple financial relationships with each employee. Our payroll tools are SUVA certified for Switzerland.

With the payroll module, you can choose the employees to pay, the currency to pay them in, and the payment methods (DCE, Cash, France, EPO, transfer files). You can also distribute your provisional payslips to be checked, and then transfer the definitive ones to GL and cost accounting.

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