SolvAxis Announces ProConcept ERP Version 11.1

January 2015

Sonceboz, Switzerland, January 28, 2015—With the release of ProConcept ERP Version 11.1, SolvAxis delivers a full web version of its enterprise management (ERP) solution to the Swiss market. The new version represents a significant step forward from a technology perspective, while also delivering significant end user productivity enhancements.

We have developed a number of new features and have made improvements in each ProConcept ERP module," said Patrik Hug, general manager of SolvAxis SA. Hug believes that the version will appeal to the company’s existing customers, as well as attract new ones.

Web Client ProConcept ERP

According to Hug, the full web version brings security and longevity to the ProConcept ERP roadmap. The modern technology platform not only gives users ubiquitous connectivity, but also great flexibility in how they deploy.  Users can access the solution in client-server mode or in web mode, while retaining an identical navigation.

Other Highlights of Version 11.1

For governance issues, many companies require that each transaction in the system be fully documented. Version 11.1 now offers a complete system audit trail that can be activated on all entities within the ERP system. "The ease of use of this new feature is a must for all of our customers working in regulated environments," said Hug.

Within the logistics and production area of the system, Version 11.1 features a new integrated quality management tool that simplifies the tracking and flow of stock materials—whether they are made, bought or sold.  The materials can be tracked according to a fully definable flow, based on certain product specifications and/or quality standards in the business. "Product lifecycle management, including the automatic integration of storage conditions, is a feature that will drive a tremendous response from our installed base,” said Hug.  

Version 11.1 also features a number of customer-driven improvements in the industry module. The Gantt planning tool has been improved to better address the management of outsourcing, including new prioritization criteria.

Hug emphasized that the new version meets all new Swiss legal requirements, including Swissdec 4 and HAM2. The release also includes a wide range of new features in the finance and HR area, including risk management functionality to handle currency exchange. “This is timely, given the current euro fluctuations,” added Hug.

"We want ProConcept ERP v11.1 to be seen as a strong signal in the Swiss ERP market," summarized Hug. "With the web client, our solution meets market requirements. But just as importantly, v11.1 demonstrates that we have heard and acted upon the feedback of our customers in the watchmaking, machine tools and medtech industries. We will continue to develop future versions in this manner, listening to the feedback of the leading companies using our solution every day to run their businesses.”

About SolvAxis SA

Founded in 1987 and headquartered in Sonceboz, SolvAxis is a Swiss leader in business management software development for SMEs in the fields of industry, commerce and services. ProConcept ERP, its flagship solution, enables more than 15,000 users spread across more than 1,000 websites, perform their daily tasks. Since April 2014, SolvAxis has been a part of the European SolvAxis-Jeeves group. Learn more at


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