Presenting Version 11.1 of ProConcept ERP

January 2015

Customer-Oriented Development Process

Version 11.1 is based on the feedback our customer base, with each new feature representing user-defined efficiency gains. While browsing through the new features below, you will note that new functions and improvements have been added to each module making up our management solution.

New Finance Module Features

  • Cost and product smoothing
  • Multiple currency budgets
  • Automatic SEPA and ISO20022 direct debits
  • Inclusion of MCH2 regulations
Cost and Product Smoothing

The smoothing allows for the equal distribution of a customer or supplier invoice over all the periods during which the service was provided. The feature automatically generates GL and cost entries over the various management periods.

New Features in the Payroll/HR Module

  • Swissdec 4
  • New Salary calculation engine
  • Make breakdowns and salary certificates available online
  • Centralize salary certificates remarks
  • New process for Source taxation
Swissdec 4

The payroll module is Swissdec 4 certified. This new version of the norm supports the declaration and management of source taxation; the downloading of confirmations and taxation corrections; inclusion of fiduciaries and AVS transfer announcements; and compatibility with the new FSO statistics.

New Industry Module Features

  • GANTT graphical planning
  • Expiry date management
  • Pairing between various characteristics and traceability
  • Advanced calculation
  • Lateness simulation and allocation management
GANTT Graphical Planning

In this module, there iare several improvements, including integration of subcontracting order due date modification, new priority criteria, transfer times, new information displays (manufacturing quantity, balance quantity, SFET, batch constants, etc.) and load curves in the history log.

New Features in the Project-Based ERP Module

  • Hedging (exchange risk management)  
  • Financial tracking
  • MRPII calculations by project
Hedging (Exchange Risk Management)

ProConcept ERP now gives you the possibility to cover your exchange rate risks, project by project, for both purchasing and sales. Once entered, the coverage information is automatically used in the Finance and Logistics modules of the system. The Finance module lets you manage exchange rate differences across accounts.

New Logistics Module Features

  • Quality status integrated in stock management
  • Characteristics management module
  • Version and product life cycles
  • Storage conditions
  • Regulated companies
  • Improved documents
Quality Status Integrated in Stock Management

This feature manages the different quality statuses for products in stock (totally integrated in logistics and production for the statuses like quarantine, released, refused, etc.), no matter whether the product is bought, manufactured and/or sold. The changes in these quality statuses are flow-based, have entirely definable rules, and can be set-up according to the product, the product category, or the quality specifics for each site.

New Business Intelligence Features

  • Multi-company version
  • New stars (After-sales and Production)
  • Systematic creation of indexes for fact tables
Multi-Company View

The global multi-company schema is generated at the end of processing and contains the fact tables and dimensions with company identifiers.

New Environment Features

  • Web Client
  • Audit trail – Modifications log
  • Improved replication
  • Improvements to the Data Exchange System
Web Client

The entire ERP is now accessible any time, anywhere from a simple internet connection and a 64-bit native mode browser. The use of ProConcept ERP can be done in two modes: client/server and/or web client. By providing a similar interface in both environments, the user learning curve is fast.

New Mobility Features

  • Mobility server
Mobility Server

Development of a server interface allowing different mobile terminals (tablets, telephones) to access the ERP data. As an example, A CRM application (iOS, Android) is supplied to let you manage contacts, addresses, customers-suppliers, leads and the possibility to create and track events.

New Reporting Features

  • New reports
  • Processing time
  • Adaptation and improvement of logistics portfolios
New Reports

Goods exchange declarations between member states of the EU (for France); precise operations tracking information, real and expected, manufacturing tracking issues and new reports relating to the calculation (pre-, post-, in-progress); orders and invoices concerning precious materials and their breakdowns by manufacturing batch; and for industrial services, a check list for reminders containing the subscriber number, the expenses and the interest is now available.