ProConcept ERP: The Solution for Swiss Watch Manufacturers

You are a factory (T0, T1, T2, T3), or final assembler (T3).

You manage a complex network of preferred suppliers and subcontractors for sundials, setters, turners, packaging, and needles, to name a few.

You work with precious materials and alloys, from components to finished product. Daily you manage gold, platinum, and titanium according to the rules of your industry (COFITER, COFIPAC).

You have a great passion for manufacturing process excellence and the production of a Swiss-quality end product, as well as an equal regard for both modernity and tradition.

You must follow your watches and components throughout their entire lifecycle to ensure quality and traceability, as well as hold true to the warranties you confidently bestow on your customers. You require complete traceability of serial numbers down to the component level, with COSC certification.

And, you must manage an after-sales service network of employees and subcontractors, to handle customer repairs and exchanges.

With its extensive experience automating the business processes of some of Switzerland’s finest watchmakers, SolvAxis understands—perhaps better than any other ERP software vendor—the unique and complex requirements of the watch-making world.

ProConcept ERP’s core system delivers complete, fully integrated functional coverage across finance, sales, purchasing, supply chain, manufacturing, CRM, and business intelligence. In addition, ProConcept ERP delivers industry-specific features and workflows that are critical to any watch or jewelry manufacturer. Other ERP solutions will typically provide such functionality through costly customizations. Our industry solution comes out of the box, with tools to handle precious metals, quality assurance and traceability, PLM, after-sales service management, and much more. Best of all, the entire system is easily configured to achieve further system alignment to your unique business processes—the stuff that sets you apart from the competition.