After-sales for watchmaking and jewelry

November 2019
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SAV - reporting

Reporting/statistics on defects: 

You can precisely detect products whose return rate is a problem, and the concerned components and watch maker. 
You can also take the required steps, such as increasing your quality control, changing the supplier, abandoning the production of a movement, etc. 

SAV - Traceability

Traceability, product life tracking

Similarly, the product can be tracking throughout its life, from its manufacturing to its replacement, including for example: the consignment, sales, repairs, etc. using its batch/serial number/version number, even if the number changes, for example: in case of the watch base replacement. 

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Flow under control, precise repair tracking, adherence to deadlines 

All your after-sales flows can be configured easily to cater to your specific requirements. 

  • A well-defined process facilitates and accelerates smooth handling and care until the delivery. It contributes to the adherence of the given deadlines. 
  • You can track the flow of the repair parts precisely, define the jobs to carry out and those already carried out, know where a part can be found at any time, and you can manage shipping and invoicing of the repaired parts. 
  • At each step of the flow, you can view the log of components and operations, to have a clear view of the repairs that have been carried out. 
  • If you manufacture parts, you can benefit from the manufacturing processes to move the repairs to your workshops, just like any other manufacturing order (manufacturing order creation from the after-sales file). 
  • You can also generate documents related to various stages of repair (estimates, order confirmation, supplier order, invoice, delivery slip, etc.) with complete ease. 
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Stolen goods 

ProConcept proposes a simple and reliable management for stolen goods: in fact, if a repair takes place for a part previously listed as stolen, the system alerts you automatically, and you can take the required measures. The repair can however be entered normally. 

Additional information can be specified, such as the name and address of the final customer, retailer, agent and any other information about the theft or the product (theft date, etc.). 

Warranty cards 

ProConcept offers warranty management and extended warranty cards, with the possibility of automatically generating warranty cards and their number when editing logistics documents, with the retrieval of the final customers and retailer/distributor/reseller. 

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Integrated solution for Watchmaking industry

With a mastered after-sales service, you keep complete traceability of the product, even after it has been sold.

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