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ProConcept develops ERP solutions perfectly adapted to the watch and jewellery industry.

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You are a manufacturer (T0, T1, T2, T3), or a final assembler (T3) Cradled between tradition and modernization, you are an actor known for the excellence in your job and the passion towards your profession.

You manage a complex network of approved suppliers and subcontractors: dial makers, gem setters, machinists, manufacturers of boxes, hands, bracelets, and movements, and you have a penchant for work done to perfection!

You work with precious materials and noble alloys, from components to the finished product, by following the current rules in your profession: COFITER, COFIPAC, Complete price.

You can precisely track your watches and their components, via a perfect traceability of the serial numbers/part numbers for the components, movements and boxes, just like assigning the serial number/part number at the time of sales.

You entrust your precious timepieces to a consignment/tender and make a point to manage them, provided the ownership has not changed.

« ProConcept seduced us with its perfect fit to our functional business needs. The high level of customization and flexibility of the ERP allows us to rapidly adapt to group requirements and at a competitive price.»

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Your business specifics and requirements

Highly complex products, large number of references
  • Precise management of component flows and finished products.
  • Simplification of company operations: from purchasing, to manufacturing and distribution, and after-sales service.
Manufacturing requiring optimized resource management
  • Efficient adaptation of resource capacities to actual production requirements.
  • Implementation of highly versatile manufacturing processes
Subcontracting for specific tasks
  • Perfect integration of internal and external costs.
  • Global verification of costs and due dates.
Restrictive margins, material cost volatility
  • Advanced cost calculation, inclusion of operations and base materials.
  • Precious materials: valuation based on actual market costs and product weights.
High-quality products
  • Implementation of efficient quality control procedures.
  • Reduced returns and increased customer satisfaction

Advantages offered by ProConcept

Weight accounts management (precious materials)

Costs and due dates control

Complete subcontracting integration

Traceability of products, components and processes

Quality tracking for the entire product life cycle


After-sales: warranty cards, web allocations tracking, etc.

The world of watchmaking: demanding, unique, complex

Thanks to its extensive experience in the watchmaking industry for over 30 years, ProConcept has acquired a vast practical knowledge of problems specific to this domain. This expertise has made us capable of understanding, and responding positively to, unique and complex requirements in the watchmaking world.

In addition to the other standard ProConcept functionalities, our global solution includes specific features inherent to any watchmaker.

Our industry-oriented solution is perfectly adapted to requirements specific to your business and gives you a competitive advantage in your market.

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Our watchmaker references

With over 100 active customers, ProConcept is the undisputed leader of ERP suppliers in the Swiss watchmaking domain and covers a large range of customers.

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