Privacy Policy ProConcept SA

Version 1.0 – April 2019

This document describes the personal data collected and managed by ProConcept SA in the framework of its technical systems/platforms, and the third-party systems that are integrated or otherwise used by ProConcept SA to access personal data. It also details the security measure that we put in place to protect the integrity of your personal data. 

In future, we can update this policy to mainly comply with any changes to the applicable laws. We recommend that you regularly consult this page to stay informed on the way in which your personal data is processed.

What type of data is collected by ProConcept SA? 

We collect and use information that you choose to provide us, for example, when you download a document, register to participate in an event or contact our customer support agent. We may ask you to specify your name, contact number or email address. In certain cases, for example, when registering for an event,we may ask you for additional information, such as your job title and your specific dietary restrictions. When we ask you to provide personal information, our main objective is to personalize your experience around our company and solutions. 

Furthermore, we may also collect information concerning you from other sources, such as our external partners and other third-parties. The information coming from other sources are collected after obtaining your consent. 

ProConcept SA does not control the contents that your partners may post in forums or social network websites that are a part of the ProConcept SA community. In certain cases, these contents may be rendered public on the internet. For example, ProConcept SA subscribes to services provided by LinkedIn to recruit its employees and to get to know better the people who are susceptible to have a real interest in the ProConcept SA company and its solutions. These services are accessible by the ProConcept SA in accordance with your consent and participation in LinkedIn, and the way in which you have chosen to configure your personal profile. You must carefully think if you want to publish the personal information in the forums or social networks or not, and if you want to make your profile available to the other users or not. 

Please note that the personal data mentioned above is not exhaustive and ProConcept SA may also collect and process personal information in case this information is useful or necessary to provide our services. 

Why does ProConcept SA collect and process your personal data? 

Customer Support: Our customer support team collects and processes information concerning you when you contact us for an incident or a support ticket so that we can revert to you efficiently, at the earliest. 

Marketing: Our marketing team processes a limited amount of personal data to ensure that you receive pertinent promotional and educational content (i.e. emails, newsletters, Webinars, etc.). 

Sales: Adapt the personal data to individual aims and objectives to allow our sales team to provide the best ProConcept SA solution to your structure. Our sales department holds and manages personal information of contacts associated to customer accounts to manage the customer relationship better. If you are not yet one of our customers, but you have see the potential of a future relationship, our sales team will contact you. During the first contact with our sales team, you have the rights to ask to be deleted from our records. If you want your data to be deleted, please inform our team that will immediately process your request. 

Service provisions: If you are a customer at ProConcept SA, our consultants will process your information to meet their obligations in terms of your Services Contract. 

Human resources: If you apply for a job at ProConcept SA and if you have entered your information in our career site, we will collect and conserve the information that you have sent in accordance with the GDPR.

Some information will be considered as sensitive information, for example, those that reveal your political ideas, religious convictions and philosophy, trade union membership, ethnicity. This refers to the information that we do not require, and that we ask you not to send.

Also ensure that you do not spontaneously divulge information concerning other people (for example: addresses, references). We will possibly ask you for it during the recruitment process.

We will process your personal information, when you will have applied for a position available at the ProConcept SA, to select the right person based on the job expectations. The information that you provide in this regard may be matched to other vacant positions at the ProConcept SA, which signifies that we can communicate with you for other job opportunities other that those for which you have applied initially. We will also retain your information in our recruitment system for up to 12 months after your date of application. You have the right to have your information deleted at any time before the end of this period if you no longer want the ProConcept SA to retain it. You can do it, provided the ProConcept SA has no other legal obligation to retain your information until the period expiry.

In terms of our recruitment process, you may have to take a personality test. We will use these tests to match you to the job and its skill profile. The results of your tests will be protected against non-authorized personnel and only the recruiter at the ProConcept SA will have access to these results. The test results will be stored in the database of the system of the test provider during the legal period. The results are protected in the system against unauthorized access in compliance with the GDPR.

The test results may be used to match your profile to other jobs available at the ProConcept SA than the ones for which you had applied initially, provided your results are pertinent and active. 

When we process your personal data, we do it in compliance with the following legal framework:

  • Execution of a contract: Using your personal data may be required to execute the contract that you have signed with the ProConcept SA. For example, when you register a support ticket, we use your information to meet our obligations in terms of the associated support contract. 

  • Consent: With your consent, we may process your personal data for specifically stated reasons. You can withdraw your consent at any time, provided the ProConcept SA is not bound by any legal obligation to continue processing this information.

  • Legal obligation: In certain cases, we will need to process your data to continue and resolve legal disputes, in terms of regulatory investigation and conformity, or to respond to the legal requests from the official or police authorities. 

How do we share your information with the third-parties? 

In certain circumstances, we share your personal data with the third-parties.

Jeeves India (intra-group subsidiary) may access the personal data in read-only mode to resolve the support tickets. In compliance with the standard maintenance contracts, we do not store, manage, share or delete personal data outside the European Economic Area. We may have to download a customer database when we need to carry out extensive tests for support activities and specific developments. These downloads are governed by agreements internal to the group, and by valid data processing agreements (DPA) with our customers. In these cases, ProConcept SA does not manage, share, modify or delete the personal data within the database once the ticket has been closed, and the conservation duration is a maximum of 6 months after this closure.

Since we have integrated our products within other systems, we will collaborate with third-party partners to offer the best solution to our customers. In certain cases, we will need to communicate your personal data to our third-party partners so that they can contact you regarding the usage and integration of their product. We will always ask for your authorization in advance.

When we organize external activities, such as events, we may have to share your information with external parties, like event planners or service providers. In these cases, we will only communicate the information adjudged necessary to optimize your experience during your meeting with the ProConcept SA. Any sensitive information that you communicate with us, such as the information about your allergies or your health related information, will only be shared in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations.

We will publish images and videos of our customers (generally within their regions, our offices and during an event organized by the ProConcept SA). Using any personal data, including the images, for promotional or educational purposes is carried out in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations.

We use third-party system providers (such as automated marketing systems, CRM systems, automated professional services systems, website tracking systems, etc.) to process data related to our customers and prospects. The third-party system providers are linked to the confidentiality clauses and Data Processing Agreements and are not authorized to process personal data for reasons others than those mandated by the ProConcept SA. Any personal data stored and managed using these systems is encrypted and secured. All these systems are in compliance with the GDPR, and the ProConcept SAhas implemented processes to manage the deletion of personal data on request, and also the permanent deletion of personal data that is no longer useful.

We will divulge the personal data to the authorities in case they are requested by law or are strictly required for prevention, detection or prosecution of criminal acts or fraud, or if we are under another legal obligation to divulge them. We may find ourselves obliged to divulge personal data to the competent authorities to protect and defend our rights and property, or the rights and property of our professional partners.

When the access to personal data is given to third-parties, we take appropriate contractual, technical and organization measures to ensure that this personal information is processed within the limits of what is required, and in compliance with the Confidentiality Policy and applicable laws.

What security measures do we apply to protect your personal data? 

In compliance with the GDPR, we apply reasonable measures to prevent any unauthorized access to personal data, and any abuse of this data.

We employ appropriate systems and company procedures to protect and save the personal data that you have given us. We also apply appropriate physical and technical procedures and restrictions related to the access and use of personal data on our servers. Only the authorized personnel are entitled to access the personal data for their functions.

How can we check the personal information that you have communicated to us? 

ProConcept SAtakes its responsibility towards your personal data very seriously. You have the right to review the personal information that we have concerning you. You can ask for an overview of your personal data by sending an email to In order to accelerate the process, please write "Personal data request" in the subject of your email. 

You can also contact us if you think that the personal data that we have concerning you is incorrect, if you think that we no longer have the right to use your personal data, or for any other question regarding the use of your personal data or for the present Confidentiality Policy. You can also request us to erase or delete either a part or all the information regarding you, in accordance with the GDPR and the applicable laws and regulations.
Please contact us by sending an email to the address mentioned above for any of these things, or by telephone on  +41 58 855 68 68.

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