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ProConcept manages your enterprise management, thanks to its Swiss ERP solution.

ERP solutions for small, medium-sized and large businesses 

ProConcept is one of the leaders in Switzerland and in designing ERP solutions. From 1987, we offer enterprise management software and the services related to it. Our innovative and flexible solutions lets you create and administrate the processes of your enterprise efficiently. 15,000 users in over 1000 locations already work with our ERP solution.  

The relationships with our customers, prospects and server providers are based on mutual confidence. This way, our collaborators accord significant importance to your project by working with your closely and constructively.

ERP Starter Forterro

SaaS ERP for small manufacturing companies

Fortee is a industrial ERP solution dedicated to startups and small businesses looking for a comprehensive, customisable solution to support their development. It supports companies looking for a tool to structure their internal processes, increase their competitiveness and who want to get started quickly and benefit from the advantages of a SaaS solution hosted on a public Cloud (security, availability, flexibility, etc.).

ERP Finance ProConcept

Swiss ERP solution for Finance, Payroll and HR

ProConcept Finance & Payroll covers the entire financial domain (financial accounting, analytics, budget, etc.), customer relationship tracking ( for a lead campaign, etc.) and resource tracking (competencies, recruitment, training, Swissdec certified salaries, etc.). The ERP software is simple, powerful, flexible and adapts itself easily to your internal processes.

ERP Industrie ProConcept

Swiss ERP system for industry requirements

Thanks to the ERP features of ProConcept Production, you can optimize your manufacturing flows: All the industrial enterprise requirements are covered, for example, subcontracting management, sales and industry master plan, production master plan, requirements calculation, graphical planning, complete traceability, quality status and management control.

Un ERP conçu pour votre industrie


Watchmaking & Jewelry

Manufacturer or final assembler, you manage a network of suppliers and subcontractors (dial makers, gem setters, machinists, manufacturers of movement hands, etc.) and work with materials and noble alloys.

Gestion à l'affaire

Project-based management

Your day is punctuated with the execution of complex industrial projects (machine-tools, capital goods, installations, nuclear, spatial, etc.) and you design, manufacture and install special equipment. 



Active in national and international markets, you deliver medical devices with high quality and state-of-the-art technology, while being subject to regulations such as: GMP, FDA 21 CFR part 11, 210, 211, 820, ISO 13485.


Machine tools

You build standard and standard configurable machine tools using a CAD/CAM software. Milling, turning, cutting, drilling, engraving or polishing, the path to traverse is long before obtaining the part you expected and hoped for.



Electronic instruments and equipment manufacturer or subcontractors active in this sector, complete traceability is a key requirement (operators, machines, materials). 

Why ProConcept? 

Publisher and integrator of ERP solutions for medium and large enterprises active in the production domain, industrial project management (project-based ERP) and in services (BackOffice). ProConcept is renowned for its qualities:


An ERP software designed and developed in Switzerland with Swiss quality skills.


Proximity and continuous exchanges with the market, for over 30 years.


An agile Swiss ERP solution with cutting edge technology in the face of economic changes in the world. 

Our customers testify about their ERP solution

ICE Water Management

ICE Water Management is a company whose mission consists of proposing different customized solutions to manage and process water. They design, produce and deliver over 20,000 parts to be assembled and installed in the destination country.

They opted for project-based management module of ProConcept that perfectly masters their complexities. The complete cross-functionality offered by ProConcept allows ICE to navigate from the project to the entire data easily.


Schilliger is a Swiss family-based garden center company that markets products for the garden and home. For a company that works with a large variety of plant and manufactured products, time is precious. ProConcept software adapts itself perfectly to the requirements of these SMBs and provides a highly customized solution adapted to their process, accompanied by flexible and available support.

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