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Editor & integrator of ERP solutions for Swiss companies

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Supporting SMEs and large groups in the management of their daily activities 

Founded in 1987, ProConcept has built a reputation for excellence as an editor and integrator in the ERP market in Switzerland.

Convinced of the importance of proximity with market players, its ERP solution is published locally and ProConcept provides support and management corresponding to Swiss requirements, in order to offer quality solutions. 

Since its creation, the ProConcept ERP system has been developed to adapt to the needs of medium and large companies operating in Switzerland. The teams work closely with clients to provide them with a highly personalised, local solution that adapts to their processes and particularities, however complex they may be. Thus, ProConcept's software allows to follow the evolution and growth of each company, while helping them to prepare for the future and gain in efficiency.

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Values that are essential to our balance

With more than 30 years of experience in the ERP market in Switzerland, ProConcept's ambition is to always offer its clients the ERP that suits them, while actively listening to their wishes and needs.


We build a quality, long-term relationship with our clients thanks to an identical culture, knowledge of local specificities and implementation by local experts.


In order to meet our clients' level of requirements, we have set up multidisciplinary teams made up of consultants dedicated to monitoring the project, as well as experts in the various business lines (Finance, Industry, HR, etc.).


The customisation of the standard is particularly advanced with ProConcept, in order to fit in perfectly with our clients. Thus, the solution is adapted to their business, their needs and their language.


By being both an editor and an integrator, ProConcept offers the possibility of working with a single interlocutor throughout the life cycle of your ERP project.

Solutions created by a Swiss SME for Swiss SMEs

For more than 30 years, ProConcept has been accompanying Swiss companies in sectors as varied as industry, services, administration, trade and the parapublic.

Thanks to the great functional richness of its ERP, ProConcept is perfectly suited to industrial companies with advanced needs in terms of their production and planning management, as well as in terms of business management.

The ERP also integrates all Finance, Salary and HR functionalities, with multi-company management available.

ProConcept's "Product" teams rely on "stakeholder" clients to propose, test and validate new functionalities. Thus, the ERP solution available is always more advanced and at the cutting edge of technology in the face of changes in the economic world.

Choosing your accommodation model  

The ProConcept software is available in a full web version according to the market standard. The software can be hosted in the company or in the Cloud.

"We support Swiss companies with high-quality ERP solutions and services for SMEs"

Christophe Ritzler, Head of Services & Support, ProConcept SA

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A commitment that is very important to us

Very fond of its region, the ProConcept company has chosen to support the Digger Foundation, a non-profit organisation, recognised as a public utility in Switzerland, established in Tavannes in the Bernese Jura. Under the name DIGGER DTR, it develops, manufactures and markets demining machines - which illustrate Swiss industrial and technological know-how - to assist deminers, in order to significantly increase the efficiency of their work, to make it less dangerous and less costly.

To support the Digger Foundation, ProConcept provides its ERP for commercial management, salary management and production management. ProConcept's consultants work closely with the Foundation, in order to continuously provide it with a management system adapted to its changing needs. Thanks to this partnership, the Foundation is freed from its administrative constraints and can devote all its attention to the realization of its demining machines and to the research of new technologies to support deminers.

Respecting standards with ProConcept  

The costs caused by non-quality can be very high, especially when defects are discovered late. Hence the principle "Prevention is better than cure". ProConcept actively supports companies in the application of quality standards that may result from legal obligations (food, medical, avionics, space, nuclear) or adherence to normative prescriptions (ISO) combined with a will to improve the safety of its products.

Certification ISO 20022 ready
Certification swissdec 5.0
Certification e-facture
Oracle Gold Partner
Certification Datadock
Certification Microsoft Partner

Our research and software partners

In the spirit of innovation, ProConcept has established research partners, with whom we work closely to develop the ERP system of the future.

ProConcept also maintains a range of technology partners that help our customers extend their core system with basic connectors.


Lausanne Institute of Technology (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) Website »

Arc upper management school (Haute école de gestion Arc), Neuchâtel and Delémont Website »

University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera Italiana) Website »


Prime Technologies
Prime Technologies develops ProConcept for the energy and public service sectors. The solution offering delivers industry-specific features and workflows that address the liberalization of the energy market and comply with the legal, financial, and data standardization requirements of the public service sector. Website »


For the field of document solutions. Website »

ICS distributes and integrates a complete range of mobile IT and automatic identification hardware (barcodes, RFID) Website »

KLS Gildas 
for Kardex. Website »

Niklas specializes in time and attendance software and integration services. Website »

Oracle is the supplier of ProConcept's relational database. Website »

Postfinance is the financial institution for the Swiss Post Office. Website »

SIX Paynet
Six Paynet offers electronic payment services and solutions. Website »

Solid specializes in setting up 'at source' information entry solutions that cover needs in  traceability, stock management, production tracking, and logistics, to name a few. Website »

VDoc Software
VDoc Software creates vDoc, the first functionally oriented collaborative application generator. Website »

Visiativ provides collaborative and social solutions. Website »

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