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ProConcept develops ERP solutions for the mechanical engineering industry and machine tool manufacturers.

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Milling, turning, cutting, drilling, engraving or polishing, the path to traverse is long before obtaining the part you expected and hoped for.
As a partner in the watchmaking industry, jewelry industry, medical industry, connective technology and electronics industry, and light manufacturing industry, you build standard or standard configurable machine tools, adapted to requirements of your customers or industries in these sectors. :

You design your products using a CAD/CAM software and search for perfect data integration (old and new) in your information system.

Your manufacturing processes are broken down into two main steps:

  1. Constructing standard sections of your machines based on a master plan.
  2. Concentrating your activity on specific functions and customized orders for your customers, depending on the project-based management mode.

Once your machine tools are sold and installed, you provide a high quality after-sales service. Whether it is replacement of parts, repairs or preventive maintenance (external after-sales), you can define your contracts based on the range of services that you offer.

"The experience and business knowledge of ProConcept immediately gave us confidence. Also, the price of the modules as well as the vitality of the company have weighed in the balance."

René Meyer
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Your business specifics and requirements

Complex products, large number of components
Reduced batch size
  • Streamlining internal communication, from R&D to production.
  • Precise tracking of product and component flows all through the logistics chain.
  • Flexibility in production and procurement.
Industries working "to order"
  • Customer requests integrated in the product.
  • Rapid and simple generation of estimate requests (product specifications, prices, due dates, etc.)
  • Optimization of purchase and sales processes, with shorter delivery due dates.
Customer requirement modifications
  • Requirement modifications tracking, allocating procurements to requirements.
  • Rapid update of all the orders (quantities, due dates).
Narrow margins, material cost volatility
  • Advanced cost calculation, inclusion of operations and base materials costs.
  • Tracking the use of base materials, scrap and their cost.
Buyers sensitive to quality
  • Efficient quality control procedures.
  • Reduces retrievals and increases customer satisfaction.
Request to offer important products
  • Implementation of highly profitable methods to broaden the offer.
  • Promotes components reuse, customization via configurable products.
Subcontracting system for specific tasks
  • Seamless integration of external and internal operations.
  • Global verification of costs and due dates.
After-sales service (installations/machines)
  • Tracking for contracts, warranties, repairs.
  • Planning and execution of high quality customer service: installation, maintenance, repairs.


Advantages offered by ProConcept

Production scheduling with detailed planning of resources and materials

Control over costs and due dates, from customer estimate to finished products

Advanced management of process plans and bills of materials

Integration of subcontracting operations

Workshop tracking

Efficient after-sales service

Global solution for machine tools, mechanical engineering and equipment

Thanks to over 30 years of extensive experience in this sector, ProConcept has acquired a vast understanding of specific problems. This experience gives us the capability to understand and respond positively to the unique and complex requirements of this type of companies.

In addition to the other standard ProConcept functionalities, our global solution includes specificities inherent to the manufacturing industry.

Our solution-oriented machine tools, mechanical engineering and equipment is perfectly adapted to the specific requirements of your business, and gives you a competitive advantage in your market.

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With over 100 installations, ProConcept is one of the leading ERP providers in the manufacturing sector (mechanical engineering industry, plastic materials and metals transformation industry, machine construction industry).

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