A complete service to support you in your ERP project

At ProConcept, our mission is to help our customers achieve continuous business process improvement—well beyond the initial ERP enterprise system implementation.

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At ProConcept, our mission is to help our customers achieve continuous business process improvement—well beyond the initial ERP enterprise system implementation. And while providing feature-rich software for enterprise ERP gets us part of the way there, we know that employing a team of experts who can provide a broad range of ERP application consulting and development services is critical to achieving our vision.

Our consulting services team, with 30 years of project work and more than 1,000 successful implementations under its belt, is here to act as a trusted business advisor and extension of your team—and no project is too big or small.

“ProConcept is a Swiss partner with whom you can communicate on an equal footing. ProConcept has excellent consultants who not only know something about software, but who can also implement individual business processes.”

Robert Ingold
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A complete service to support you in your ERP project

Covering large functional domains, modular and highly flexible, the ERP system adapts itself easily to the evolution and growth of every company, based on their requirements.  

Aware of the daily challenges, ProConcept has set up a dedicated team to support you in the life cycle of your ERP software:

  • Consulting services to install a new ERP system. 
  • Consulting services in close collaboration with the customers for system alignment. 
  • Technical audit to update or refresh the ERP software. 
  • Assistance in project or change management.  
  • Customized training programs for users. 

You can consider ProConcept as an expert that knows your product solution by heart, that has witnessed its installation in over a hundred companies and has seen thousands of use cases for each of its functionalities. This is perhaps the solution that you have been waiting for !

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Our ERP Services Methodology

The ProConcept consulting services team has developed a unique services methodology that relies on a deep understanding of our customers’ businesses and industries. At ProConcept, each project for enterprise ERP is guided by an agile deployment methodology that utilizes iterative, time-boxed implementation techniques to rapidly deliver custom, personalized solutions to our customers. Our approach ensures that value is achieved early and often throughout the lifecycle of each customer’s ProConcept ERP implementation.

We recognize that some services are best delivered remotely by a highly skilled team, while others are more effectively delivered by local consultants working directly with customers. The ProConcept services methodology also pulls the right mix of resources from a global team of experts, keeping costs down while still meeting each customer’s unique project requirements.

Our ERP Consulting Services Offerings

ProConcept provides services that span the entire lifecycle of an enterprise ERP system, starting with new system implementation consulting. After the go-live of the ERP enterprise system, the ProConcept consulting team works closely with our customers to provide ongoing system alignment services, from check-up and calibration services to bespoke customizations development. When it’s time to upgrade or refresh the ERP enterprise system, the ProConcept services team provides a range of service offerings, from assessing your technical readiness, to assisting your team with change and project management. Similarly, the team is available to facilitate ERP enterprise system rollouts to companies in new locations, or provide customized system training and education to both new and existing users.

Our ERP consulting services cover a broad spectrum of project types because no two businesses are alike. When you combine our consultants’ expertise with your vision, you will always get personalized solution delivery.

Our expertise

Sometimes, a product expert who knows your solution inside and out … who has seen it implemented and used across hundreds of companies and witnessed thousands of use cases for each and every feature …  is just what you need. We’ve been working directly with our customers for more than 30 years. Our application consultants have deep experience across the functional areas of ERP enterprise systems, and are well-versed on the best practices, challenges, opportunities, and market developments affecting Swiss SMEs. No matter how ambitious or complex your project, we are confident that our team of product, industry and process experts are up to the test.

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