The global solution for the electronic industry

The global solution for the electronic industry

ERP électronique

Manufacturer of equipment, electronic instruments and active subcontracting in this sector, your procurements play an important role in your turnover.

You are aware of realistic purchase forecasts, to accommodate your customer requirements better for the origin of the components used and maintain the lowest possible level, and you have a trading system that offers you the best conditions and orders that include multi-sourcing percentage.

You do not compromise on the quality of your suppliers, both in terms of checking their deliveries and their controls.

From the hands of your first operators to those of your customer, you can reconstitute the path that your product has taken to its final form. Operators, machines, materials, and complete traceability is the order of the day.

Your business specifics and requirements

Complex products, large number of components
  • Precise tracking of component and tracking flows
  • Optimization of company operations, from procurement to manufacturing until the distribution and after-sales service.
High variability of demand
  • Highly flexible and adaptable purchase and manufacturing processes.
  • Cater to customer requirements with "bespoke" products.
Customer requirement modifications
  • Requirement modifications tracking, allocating procurements to requirements.
  • Rapid update of all the orders (quantities, due dates).
Very short life cycle for components and products
  • Reduced stock levels, precise replenishment.
  • Reduced costs and procurement due dates, thanks to multi-sourcing.
  • Efficient management of frequent changes to product characteristics.
  • End of life product management
Manufacturing requiring abundant workforce
  • Efficient adaptation of resource capacities to actual production requirements.
  • Implementation of highly versatile manufacturing processes
Buyer satisfaction for those who prioritize quality
  • Completion of efficient quality control procedures, for both internal and external operations.
  • Reduced retrievals and rapid identification of defective products.
  • Contribute to implementation, and adherence to the technical specifications, that let you conform to the standard norms in the sector.

Advantages offered by ProConcept

Complete functional coverage: Finance, Sales, Purchases, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, CRM, etc.

Perfect fit to the domain specific requirements.

Excellent cost-efficiency ratio because all the customizations are made by solution configuration.

Industrial best practices completely integrated into the system.

The electronics industry - unique and complex requirements

Thanks to over 30 years of experience in the electronics industry, ProConcept has acquired a vast understanding of problems specific to this domain. This experience has given us the capability to respond positively to the unique and complex requirements of the industries working in this domain.

In addition to the other standard ProConcept functionalities, our global solution includes specificities inherent to every industry in the electronics domain.

Our industry-oriented solution is perfectly adapted to the specific requirements of your business, and gives you a competitive advantage in your market.

Métier de l'électronique

Our references for the electronics industry

ProConcept is a tried and tested solution for the industries in the electronics domain and covers a wide range of customers (components and accessory manufacturers, finished products manufacturers).


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