ERP system for Purchasing, Sales and Inventory management

ProConcept ERP lets you manage purchasing, sales and inventory effectively

ERP Gestion logistique / commerciale / stocks

Purchasing management

The supply chain showcases the perfect streamlining of ProConcept ERP across several domains. The purchaser will find powerful tools at his fingertips to efficiently achieve his tasks. The buyer is also supported in her operational decision making tasks. As a result, the purchasing department can automate:

  • Customer inquiries (consultations)
  • Supplier orders
  • Supplier quality
  • Goods reception slips
  • Supplier goods returns
  • Pre-entered supplier invoices
  • Supplier invoice entry
  • Accounting entry for both GL and cost accounting

Every step in the purchasing chain is captured in the system. Analysis can be done with the standard tools, or with bespoke modifications using lists, reporting, statistics, or control panels to look at things like open orders, supplier quality evaluations, returns, price reliability, due dates, and much more.

Sales management

Use our integrated, reliable sales system to improve your customer service. Our sales module gives you real-time access to all the information you require and puts your sales information to work. You can monitor and track sales visits, customer inquiries, quotes, marketing campaigns, competitive analysis, rep productivity, and much more. Your sales staff can also access the same data in order to manage their day-to-day work and turn quotes to invoices.

Whether you manage large or small quantities of documents, or whether you take you orders traditionally, over the Internet, or by a call center, or even whether you define your sales plan by volume or over a specific period, ProConcept ERP has the flexibility to handle your operations. 

Inventory management

Our inventory management tools are perfectly integrated into the supply chain to give you a real-time view into your stock levels and the tools you need to keep your customers happy. Our stock management features allow you to handle customers, pricing policies, due date simulations, replenishment rules, quotations, supplier orders, and quality management. ProConcept ERP also provides indicators (e.g., ABC analysis, stock renewal frequency).

Regardless of how and when you count your physical inventory (periodically, continuously, globally, spot-checking or cyclical checking), ProConcept ERP has you covered with its easy-to-use data entry tools that allow numerous automatic stock evaluations.

Stock management

Products, After-Sales Service, and Contracts

Product Information

When creating items, ProConcept ERP provides reference entry templates with numerous goods and services description possibilities (short, long, technical, purchasing, sales, etc.), as well as primary, secondary, customer or supplier references. Descriptions can be multilingual and completed with multimedia objects like photos, drawings, sounds, or even movie footage. ProConcept ERP also supplies unrestricted units of measure, and the system can convert purchasing units to storage and sales units. Your customs country position number information can be stored with the item, along with the transporter shipping information.

After-Sales Service

Our After-sales module is an important link in your logistics supply chain, as it has a direct impact on your continued ability to retain your customers and gain market share. This module allows you to see the exact position of an article anywhere in the repair flow; define the work required; see the work that is already completed; manage return shipping; and invoice repairs. When working with high value products, you gain the added benefit of being able to trace the object throughout its lifecycle, from its production and sale to repair and replacement. Statistical and analytical tools specific to repairs are also included as standard (quantity, frequency, costs, etc.).

Maintenance and Rental Contracts

Do you rent hardware or invoice for rentals and maintenance?
Do you invoice for IT services, pager rental, photocopiers, office services?

ProConcept ERP gives you a powerful and efficient way to handle contract management. You can manage contract creation, due dates, prolongation, resignation, price increases, automatic data retrieval from accounting, tariffs, and even event management that separates administrative and operational tasks. By integrating your contracts with logistics and finance, you can reduce your administrative workload and spend more time focusing on the customers behind your contracts.

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