Forterro Acquires Clip Industrie

Forterro - New acquisition : Clip Industrie

Deal Marks Group’s Sixth European Midmarket ERP Software Acquisition

Austin, TX and Éguilles, France, June 12, 2017—Forterro, a group of European ERP software and services companies, today announced that Clip Industrie (Clip), a leading supplier of ERP software for small to midmarket manufacturers of industrial products in France, joined the Forterro group. 

The acquisition marks Forterro’s sixth midmarket ERP software purchase in Europe. “Clip is a successful, well-run business with a strong brand promise for distinct target market segments within France—and it fits perfectly within Forterro’s federation of companies,” said Jeff Tognoni, CEO of Forterro.

Tognoni went on to talk about how Forterro’s approach is unique when compared to other international companies that hold multiple—and sometimes even competing—software products. “As we have with every other ERP solution in our product portfolio, our strategy will be to respect the unique value proposition of both the Clipper and Helios product lines. We have no intention of fusing any of our products together or promoting a single flagship solution across multiple geographies. Rather, our strategy is to champion a diverse range of solutions to a diverse set of markets,” he said. 

“Our goal is to collaborate with the local team and add value where we can,” said Scott Malia, COO of Forterro. “Today, Clip is a growing and profitable company with a loyal and satisfied customer base. Our goal is to ensure this momentum continues.”

Moving forward, Arnaud Martin, president of Clip Industrie, and Eric De Garam, general manager of Clip Industrie, will continue managing Clip Industrie as an operating company of Forterro. “One of the reasons we chose Forterro is because we knew that we would gain the financial backing and market experience of an international group, while maintaining our independence as a local vendor,” said Martin. “Our knowledge of the metal industry, coupled with our team’s experience and customer focus, have enabled us to consistently widen our client base. Over the past three years, we have registered a 38 percent increase in revenue. Today, with Forterro, we will continue to pursue our goals for growth—for the benefit all parties, including both customer and employees.” 

About Clip Industrie

Clip Industrie is a leading supplier of ERP / GPAO software for small to midmarket manufacturers of industrial products in France. Nearly 2,000 companies and over 25,000 users leverage the Clip’s solutions every day to manage their operations. Helios ERP is designed from the ground up to meet the primary requirements of the aerospace industry. Clipper ERP was built for small and medium-sized companies across a broad range of manufacturing industries. To learn more, visit

About Forterro

Forterro is a group of companies that deliver ERP software to SMEs in specialized geographical or vertical markets. Headquartered in Austin, TX, and backed by the investment of Battery Ventures, Forterro operates business units in Sweden, Switzerland, France and Poland, as well as regional office locations and research and development centers around the world. Through its ever-growing ecosystem of IP and capital, Forterro collaborates with local management teams to strengthen the solution offerings and operational performance of its portfolio companies. For more information, visit


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