Forterro Acquires Silog

New acquisition for Forttero - Silog

Transaction marks Group's third midmarket ERP software acquisition in France

Austin, TX and Caen, France, March 1, 2018. Forterro, a group of European ERP software companies, today announced that Silog, a leading supplier of ERP software for small to midmarket manufacturers of industrial products in France, joined the Forterro group.

The transaction marks Forterro’s third midmarket ERP software acquisition in France, making it one of the country’s largest ERP software publishers. Silog, combined with Forterro’s other French businesses, Sylob and Clip Industrie, serve nearly 3,000 customers and over 40,000 users in key microvertical segments across the French midmarket.

“Forterro is a home for specialized, manufacturing-centric ERP software products that have attained a unique leadership position in the midmarket,” said Jeff Tognoni, CEO of Forterro. “We are thrilled to bring another strong company into the group.”

While the acquisition significantly broadens Forterro’s presence in France, Tognoni emphasized that Forterro will enforce the multi-product strategy it has had from the beginning. “Our philosophy has always been rooted in the idea that solution fit is the most important selection criteria for buyers of ERP software,” he said. “Forterro’s goal is to be the world’s largest provider of niche ERP solutions to the midmarket—not the provider of a single ERP solution for the entire world.”

Scott Malia, COO of Forterro, added that Silog’s immediate benefit following the acquisition will be becoming part of the larger group. “At Forterro, we have developed a set of beliefs, organizational approaches, processes, tools, and KPIs that we use to improve the operations and performance of ERP software companies,” he said. “In the end, we all speak ERP, and we help each other become better.”

Moving forward, Silog will continue to operate as an individual business within the Forterro group. “My aspirations for Silog’s future are aligned with Forterro’s agenda to invest in ERP products that are leaders in the French midmarket. The group’s proven company policy to respect the diversity of its product portfolio inspires me. With the support of Silog’s staff, I chose this future because I am confident it will sustain our clients’ investments and stimulate new partnerships,” said Claude Simon, founder and president of Silog.

About Silog

Founded in 1984, Silog specializes in publishing and integrating ERP software (Management Software Package) for SMEs, SME / SMI groups and VSEs. Serving more than 1,250 small and midsize companies across a variety of industries, Silog remains one of France’s leading providers of integrated industrial management software solutions. The company’s products, including SILOG ERP, SILPROD, AGIPROD, PROST, Mon Enterprise By SILOG, and Silog CRM, specialize in production planning / MRP2, as well as purchasing, sales, inventory, and logistics.

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About Forterro

Forterro is a group of companies that deliver ERP software to SMEs in specialized geographical or vertical markets. Headquartered in Austin, TX, and backed by global investment firm Battery Ventures, Forterro operates business units in Sweden, Switzerland, France and Poland, as well as regional office locations and research and development centers around the world. Through its ever-growing ecosystem of IP and capital, Forterro collaborates with local management teams to strengthen the solution offerings and operational performance of its portfolio companies.

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