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Requirements understood and rapid implementation

A month and a half was required to implement the first phase. “Instead of a lengthy specifications document, we expressed our needs through a flow diagram and presentation slides. The excellent consultants at ProConcept understood our needs immediately and knew how to meet our expectations.” The integration of the users when drawing up the expectations, and then during the test and validation stages, was a major success factor. 

“We relied upon this first phase to implement the second phase. The review of the distribution and integration process for our partner in Germany took two months. We did not want to give access to our IT network to our logistics partner. The Web access functionality allowed us to remove this constraint, as it only allows access via one door to ProConcept. Our customer service can now select the products that will be sent, or recovered, from customer sites. Our obsolescence rate has dropped to zero as opposed to much more previously.”

The last phase was more complex to implement, as it was difficult to integrate the users in Brazil when defining the needs. “We drew up a specifications document with a wide scope allowing for rapid adjustment during the implementation stage. This stage lasted five days: finalization of the system the first day, training for the second and third days, introduction of the dynamic data the fourth day (inventories, current production orders, transfers in progress between locations, …) and the set up of reports along with the assisted go live on the fifth day. We were also supported by the web access that offers big advantages in IT architecture terms, and therefore maintenance costs. All that is required to work with ProConcept is a PC, an Internet connection, and secure access.”

“These three successive changes were delivered on time, on cost, and with the required quality! It is so rare when talking about IT projects, that it really needs highlighting”, noted Alexandre Gimenez.

It is through ProConcept ERP, that Symetis now has a complete image of their value chain in a single system. Redundant information has been eliminated, as they are often the source or errors. “Decision making relies on the information available at a given time. It is therefore easier to take the right decision when you have real time, reliable information.”

Alexandre Gimenez recommends this software application to any SMB “Without any hesitation”. “It is reasonably priced, and rapidly implemented. The tool is flexible and accessible to all. Furthermore, the maintenance service is highly reactive”, he concludes.

Today, thirty persons in Ecublens, fifteen in Brazil, and six in Germany work with this tool.


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Why ProConcept?

  • Swiss: We build software the Swiss way, for Swiss companies.
  • Expertise: Serving SMEs in your industry for 30 years.
  • Technology: State-of-the-art technology platform.

ProConcept has a 30-year heritage of designing functionally rich and deeply integrated ERP solutions. 

Our products continue to evolve, from our web-based user interface to the ongoing development of specific functionalities.