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About MFP préfabrication SA

A damp smell. Headphones. Tons of concrete overhead.

You are in the production hall of MFP Prefabrication SA, a company that decided in February of 2012 to change its business management system, and thus engaged the services of ProConcept.

Based in Marin and founded in 2003, MFP Prefabrication SA creates prefabricated concrete parts of all colors, sizes and shapes, weighing up to 15 tons. No fewer than fifty production processes are executed every day by the company. Fifty employees work together to achieve such a result.

Finding the right ERP solution

According to Anne Moullet, Director of Administration and HR, MFP Prefabrication needed a new software solution to replace an aging, homegrown system. “The system was highly customized,” she said, “which made it costly to maintain. It was also cumbersome and incomplete, which led to a lot of mistakes and process breaches.”

MFP Prefabrication needed real-time monitoring of the various costs charged to projects. The company also placed a high importance on finding a standard solution that would fit their business processes right out of the box.

Moullet continued, “We wanted to find a local partner that could provide us with direct support. We had heard of ProConcept ERP, and after further research, we were able to see that the solution aligned perfectly with our management model.”

Moullet talked about a number of other features that tipped the scales toward MFP Prefabrication’s selection of ProConcept ERP. “We can manage inventories of raw materials, and the system allows for comprehensive planning and very precise post-project calculations,” she said. She also talked about the system’s ability to manage employee wages based on Swissdec standards, as well as how easy and intuitive the system is for her team to use.

Implementing ProConcept ERP

MFP Prefabrication’s implementation was done in two stages. The first phase began in March and focused on the finance and salary modules. The production functionality, including the management of inventory, purchasing, sales, and projects, kicked off in July. The project was complete by November. “The ProConcept teams were very competent and professional,” said Moullet. “They worked very well in partnership with our employees.”

Keys to success

According to Moullet, the key to success was a willingness to change—and fast. “I think that, together with skilled ProConcept consultants, we were able to effectively manage the project based on our goals and the size of our business,” said Moullet. “Obviously the ProConcept team knows their product and they knew how to lead our project to completion within a year. Once a schedule and budget were identified, they were followed to the letter.”

Return on investment

Moullet said that ProConcept ERP is an ideal solution for Swiss SMEs, and that she continues to recommend the solution to her peers. “The system allows us to act quickly and comprehensively at all levels of the company, which saves a lot of time,” she said. “We have access to the right information at the right time. The program is easy to use, and still offers the flexibility we need to support our users and unique business processes.”

Moullet even went as far as to say that ProConcept ERP has helped MFP Prefabrication develop a new vision for its management approach, which has led to a positive impact on the company’s financial results.


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