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We are in 1846. Ulysse Nardin, just 23 years old, is living in Le Locle. A visionary, he turned the mountains and the sea into a market—developing and manufacturing marine chronometers. With the sextant, these instruments allow mariners to be on the seas and oceans of the world. In parallel, Nardin began work designing timepieces. Despite the modern electronic systems equipping today’s boats, marine chronometers are still a delight to collectors. And for everyone else, the charms of Ulysse Nardin watches remain year after year.

Choosing Experience and Reliability … Again

In early 2001, change management became inevitable for Ulysse Nardin SA. For ten years, the company had operated using the DOS-based version of ProConcept ERP—not to mention a number of disparate databases scattered throughout the business (built in Excel and Access). "We did not have an optimal information flow that captured the various phases of our watch manufacturing process,” said Patrice Carrel, head of management at Ulysse Nardin. “In addition, our various databases were costing us an inordinate amount of time doing useless research, and were often synonymous with avoidable mistakes.”

After a close evaluation of vendors able to provide a solution, ProConcept was again chosen by Ulysse Nardin. "ProConcept’ experience with other watch companies was the deciding factor,” said Carrel.

The Importance of Being Well Advised

Because of the long-term partnership, Ulysse Nardin had no need for long presentations from ProConcept. Work on the implementation began immediately. "We did not know what to think about the treatment of our old data,” recalled Carrel. “The consultants immediately gave valuable advice. Thanks to them, we were able to create a plan for the transfer of our information.” Carrel gave other reasons for the successful implementation. First, deadlines were fully respected. In two months, the finance module was already operational. Sixteen weeks later, logistics was in place. And best of all, the installation budget proved less costly than expected.

Benefits From the Inside Out

Ulysse Nardin SA could not help but welcome the changes brought on by the implementation of ProConcept ERP—including all the industry-specific functionality for watchmakers. The company especially appreciated the traceability functionality. "With ProConcept ERP, we have a complete view of our product lines,” said Carrel. “We also have up-to-the-minute progress details on every manufacturing phase. Such visualization was impossible on the DOS version.”

Another source of satisfaction was the fully integrated ERP functionality, making the management team happily forget the different databases they once juggled. Prior to the implementation, the team often struggled with inconsistent data across the company’s disparate databases. The errors may have been in fields as simple as addresses or items, but they often had time consuming and costly ramifications for on-time deliveries and after-sale service. Today, the loss of time and money around unreliable data belongs to the past.

Users also appreciate the system’s ease and speed of use. "We need absolute documentation on the movement of our watches,” said Carrel.

Carrel added: "Russian legal invoicing requirements are high. It was not unusual for us to process 2-3 times the number of files typically needed. ProConcept ERP gives us access to multiple invoice templates that comply with various and stringent requirements. As a result, all our customers enjoy receiving the right documentation (adapted to their local laws) quickly, protecting all of us from administrative hassles.”

According to Carrel and team, ProConcept ERP delivered benefits to Ulysse Nardin from the inside out. Traceability, fully integrated ERP functionality, and ease of use all contributed to the satisfaction of both employees and customers.


Ulysse Nardin

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