Electronique - spécificités métier

Your business specifics and requirements

Complex products, large number of components
  • Precise tracking of component and tracking flows
  • Optimization of company operations, from procurement to manufacturing until the distribution and after-sales service.
High variability of demand
  • Highly flexible and adaptable purchase and manufacturing processes.
  • Cater to customer requirements with "bespoke" products.
Customer requirement modifications
  • Requirement modifications tracking, allocating procurements to requirements.
  • Rapid update of all the orders (quantities, due dates).
Very short life cycle for components and products
  • Reduced stock levels, precise replenishment.
  • Reduced costs and procurement due dates, thanks to multi-sourcing.
  • Efficient management of frequent changes to product characteristics.
  • End of life product management
Manufacturing requiring abundant workforce
  • Efficient adaptation of resource capacities to actual production requirements.
  • Implementation of highly versatile manufacturing processes
Buyer satisfaction for those who prioritize quality
  • Completion of efficient quality control procedures, for both internal and external operations.
  • Reduced retrievals and rapid identification of defective products.
  • Contribute to implementation, and adherence to the technical specifications, that let you conform to the standard norms in the sector.
Electronique - avantages

Advantages offered by ProConcept

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Complete functional coverage: Finance, Sales, Purchases, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, CRM, etc.

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Perfect fit to the domain specific requirements.

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Excellent cost-efficiency ratio because all the customizations are made by solution configuration.

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Industrial best practices completely integrated into the system.

Electronique - Part 1
Electronique - References

Our references for the electronics industry

ProConcept is a tried and tested solution for the industries in the electronics domain and covers a wide range of customers (components and accessory manufacturers, finished products manufacturers).

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