Project-based manufacturing and precise cost control

November 2019
Gestion à l'affaire - suivi financier - Part 1

Real time financial tracking 

Project, financial and budgetary tracking is completely assured, in real-time, with your indicators, through a clear cockpit vision that lets you freely navigate from global to detailed tracking.  

Project managers can benefit from a financial overview adapted to their requirements, and financial or accounting managers can budget, control and analyze the standard costs by cost center, for example, from the same basic data.  

Since anticipation is already effective than reaction, the budget is matched in real-time with completed costs, committed costs, and costs remaining to be undertaken.  

Whether you are the person in charge of sales, after-sales or logistics, project leader or a technician, you can decide everything with a complete knowledge of the project implications, since your decisions and actions will be based on relevant information.  

Gestion à l'affaire - suivi financier - Part 2
Gestion à l'affaire - suivi financier - Part 3

Partial invoicing 

ProConcept offers high flexibility for invoicing.  

  • Via invoicing on progress, based on a payment schedule, or milestones, or in case of requirements, at any time during the execution of the project.  
  • Via down payment management, credit notes, invoice linked to a position/order. 

Furthermore, you can modify the amounts to invoice at any point of time. The remaining amounts are automatically recalculated.  

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Realization of complex industrial projects, you design, manufacture, install special equipment, all while tracking different management axes.

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