Watchmaking & precious materials management

December 2019
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Precious materials tracking 

You can track your precious materials all through the Supply Chain, and during the entire manufacturing process, in workshops, by weighing station, etc. 

ProConcept offers you absolute control over your precious materials. 

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Rates and valuation 

ProConcept lets you manage your rates based on the COFITER and/or COFIPAC tables, or based on specific tables for third-parties, for example, for your subcontractors. ProConcept manages rates by alloy or by raw material. These market rates can be linked specifically to a third party for invoicing purposes.  You can update them easily. 

ProConcept considers various weights (delivered, invested, theoretical, shavings, loss, recoverable, etc.) for the entire bill of materials of the product, with a separate valuation for the cost of precious materials and workmanship costs. 


ProConcept offers you a clear and complete invoicing management for precious materials, which considers all aspects specific to this business (workmanship/material costs, advance management, etc.), irrespective of domains such as sales, purchases and subcontracting. 

Naturally, the workmanship costs are separated from the material costs and all the expenses are included, for example: refining expenses, alloying costs, etc. 

Whether the material is invoiced by the subcontractor, partially or completely, confided by the customer, or returned by the customer (at the end of the month), with advance deductions, etc. ProConcept is there to help in terms of invoicing (current rate, order rate), and it also includes the price fluctuations of precious materials. 

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Weight accounts 

You have control panels available that summarize all the weight accounts by supplier and customer, with definitive and provisional entries. It does all this and more for a precise and efficient control. 


ProConcept lets you run an inventory of precious materials by post, alloy, or product on a specific date, initialize alloy weights by workstation on a given date, and retain a log of the inventories run. 

Furthermore, the valuation of these products can be made in pre-calculation by alloy or by precious materials, and it also lets you obtain an inventory price separating the workmanship cost from the precious material costs. 

You can easily evolve the value of your stock of products composed of precious materials during fluctuating rates. 

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Integrated solution for Watchmaking industry

With a mastered after-sales service, you keep complete traceability of the product, even after it has been sold.

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